Monday, March 16, 2015

Personalized Picture Fleece Photo Blanket

    We got a chance to review a custom 50"x60" fleece blanket.  You just send them a picture online of what you want on the blanket and in a very short time, they mail you a beautiful, professional looking fleece blanket with the picture on it. 

Photo blanket, customized fleece throw
    The blanket is soft and big enough to be used on your bed but looks beautiful enough to hang on the wall too.  I had ours made with my favorite family photo. It turned out wonderfully and we hung it up on our bedroom wall.
    It would make a great gift for someone you love and I know they would cherish it.   The product is machine-washable which surprised me the most....what an added bonus!
     They also make these in a variety of sizes and you can have a whole collage of photos printed on it or just one.  Your choice.

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