Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drying Coffee Grounds (Frugal living)

    One uncommon thing I dehydrate frequently is used coffee grounds.  Once we make a pot of coffee, I just place the coffee filter and all onto a dehydrator tray and turn it on for a few hours.
using coffee grounds in the garden, uses for coffee grounds, drying coffee,

 Once the coffee grounds are completely dry, I store them in a quart jar.
using coffee grounds in the garden, uses for coffee grounds, drying coffee,
Here is a mason jar with my "dehydrated" coffee grounds.

 How can they be used?  Well, we use them when we go camping.  A camp percolator will cook these grounds up nicely.  It tastes nice and strong so there is no reason to just throw them away.  Besides, if  "crap" ever does hit the fan, you'll appreciate any kind of coffee whether it is "seconds" or not.  :-)  Another way to use them is on your garden.  It really helps the soil by adding nitrogen to the soil so in March or so, go till some used coffee grounds in your soil.  Be careful not to use too much coffee in your garden though because too much will lower your soils pH balance.

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  1. My mother in law told me something she used to do when money was tight...you make a pot of coffee. when you make the next pot, you add half as much as you would for a regular pot on top of what was already there. The taste is just fine, you save 1/2 the coffee. Just don't let it be too long in between pots.

    1. True. My hubby does this sometimes too. :-) Thanks LuAnn.

  2. Nice post and I just learned something from LuAnn's comment. I just tossed some used coffee filters into one of my plants. Nice blog!

  3. I spread them around the outside ot the house and around garden , ants hate the smell.

  4. Would it be ok to refrigerate the coffee grounds until I have a Dehydrator full?

  5. This is an old post, so you might not see this, but you can also regrind the dried grounds and use them as espresso powder for baking

  6. Wow cuz this is excellent job! Congrats and keep it up.


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