Wednesday, May 22, 2013

RE Factor Tactical Operator Band Product Review

   We had the honor of reviewing the "Operator" band from RE Factor Tactical.  The company was gracious enough to send one of his bands for us to try out and review.  My husband served with the USMC for four years and then entered into the Army Reserves.  He is a hunter, a camper, and a prepper.  He was a perfect candidate to give this band a work out.
    The Operator band is many items in one.  The band has the following equipment attached and hidden inside:  12 feet (yes, 12 feet) of 550 lb. paracord, 30 feet of 80 pound fishing line, a fish hook, a handcuff key, a P51 can opener, a piece of flint that can also serve as a weight on your fishing line, and a snare wire.  Pretty amazing, huh?  And the neatest part is that it was developed by a real Special Forces graduate and made by combat veterans.
    The following is my husband's review:
      My first impression of the RE Factor Tactical Operator band is that it is very well made.  I love that it has so many items built into it.  It would be a great addition to anyone's Bug-Out-Bag, hunting gear, or any outdoor activity.  If you do not want to wear it as a bracelet, you can clip it onto a rifle sling, belt buckle, or backpack strap.  So, my first impression, straight out of the package was "I love it!"
     After wearing the band a few days my opinion of the band has only gotten better.  It is really comfortable to wear.  The band lays flat on the wrist and isn't bulky.  The items are well concealed and the band is not just "thrown together".  The band looks really professional and is made well.  I only wear my wedding ring and have never been one to wear jewelry at all but I have been wearing it and I like it.  My wife thinks it looks good on my wrist.  What do you think?
RE Factor Tactical, Operator Band, Bug-out-bag, BOB contents, survival bracelet, P51 can opener, combat veteran

   Anyway, without taking the band apart, I was able to start a fire with the flint with no problem.  One strike is all it took.  I also tried out the P51 and it is very good quality and can also be used without removing it form the band.  All in all, I love the tactical band and I can't wait to pick up a few more of them.  I highly recommend this band!


  1. Great review. I had been thinking about buying one but wasn't sure it was worth the money but you helped me change my mind. Ordered 2!

    1. Rick, thanks for letting us know. I know you'll be pleased by them.


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