Monday, November 12, 2012

Handprint Fall Art

    We homeschool. No big surprise there but one great thing we love to do is arts and crafts.  The absolute favorite kind of craft we do that I love the most are the ones done with hand and/or foot prints.  I love looking at them over the years and see how much my boys have grown.

    For this project, we began by tracing out my son's hand, wrist and forearm onto a brown sheet of construction paper.  Then glue the cut-out hand/arm onto a plain piece of white paper.  We just used typing paper.   Then we put a squirt of red, green, and yellow finger paint onto a paper plate and let the kids have fun.  Using their fingertips, they used green to make the grass across the bottom and to make leaves on the trees and falling to the ground.  The did the same process for the leaves with the red and yellow.  I love how the leaves are the fingerprints.  How do you like it?

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My 8 year old's creation. 

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