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Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday

  Found a new blog link up today.  It had an interesting challenge:  Write for 5 minutes.  Be real.  Unscripted.  Wow!  Can I do this?  I am a person who plans EVERYTHING!  When we are going to go on vacation, I research everything.  Last vacation, we had a 3 ring binder FULL of information that I had found, researched, and categorized.  Did we need it?  I hope so but probably not.  It is just the kind of person I am.  Guess it is my OCD in me.
     Went to the grocery store today and did our once a month grocery shopping.  Didn't get as much as last month.  Everything is going up higher and higher.  Noticed the price of hamburger meat had jumped 30 cents since last month.  Another one of my talents, I can remember prices of virtually every item I pick up at the grocery store.  I catch the clerk making mistakes and calling her on them too.  If you are ever behind me in the checkout lane, I do make them do price checks.  Sorry but 10 cents at a time (or whatever the amount is) adds up after awhile.  I can also know my total within $5 every time.  The closest I ever got was $0.43.
   Well, that was my 5 minutes of rambling.  What would you talk about for 5 minutes?

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  1. Love the 5-Minute Friday entry. That 5 minutes goes pretty fast. I was amazed. I really like the price check comment. I have to admit, I am never bothered by someone who questions a price. I actually think it's a great game. I root for the preson requiring the check to save $$$. (And get slightly disappointed when the price check costs them more.)

  2. I get a little OCD about planning ahead too, right now I'm in the middle of planning our entire summer vacation. And we're not even going anywhere, I'm just planning storytime at the library and visits to the beach... Totally unnecessary since we'll just do whatever we feel like when the day comes! And I'm with you on the grocery store thing, I wish I could remember the prices better. Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a great weekend!

  3. Good for you for being able to keep with your grocery totals! (as they continue to climb and climb, ugh) I am just like you when going on a vacation-- I plan everything! :-) I hope you are having a great weekend! Many blessings, Lisa

  4. I love 5-Minute Fridays. What a fun idea. I did it once and meant to do it this week but didn't have the time. I have a vacation binder too...but not so thick, ;-)


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