Friday, November 13, 2015

Ozeri Tower Fan

 ***I received this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.***

      The Ozeri Tower fan is by far the BEST fan we have EVER owned.  I cannot believe how well it works.  Even on the lowest setting it out blows some of the fans we have had when they were blowing on their highest level.  This fan not only works well it is stunningly beautiful.  It really does look like an accent piece to our home.

Ozeri Tower Fan,

        Not only does this fan run great but it is so very quiet.  Even on high with all 3 fan blades spinning, you can barely hear it.  One feature that I really love is the remote control.  As many of you know, I suffer from many chronic illnesses (Multiple sclerosis, Gastroparesis, diabetes, & heart disease) and there are times I just do not have the energy to get up and down.  I hate relying on someone all the time but with this remote, I can turn the fan off and on by myself or control one of the other many options it has. 

Ozeri Tower Fan,

      With this fan, there are 3 different fan blades with 3 settings (low, medium and high) with 9 levels of customized airflow.  It also has a timer so you can program it to run for a certain time and then turn itself off.  It can also oscillate.  There are more features that we are finding each day!  It is also remarkably easy to clean too. 

       The customer service by this company is unrivalled.  They were quick to get the product out to me and answered all of my emails quickly and professionally.  I would highly recommend the product and company !  

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