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We love working with fantastic brands! Countrified Hicks reaches a large audience of readers across the United States and the world.  We have a weekly reach of over 100,000 on our Facebook page alone. We also have a nice following on Pinterest, g+, linkedin and Twitter.  We enjoy taking pictures and sharing our discoveries with our readers. Our goal is to show our reader how we use a product or what we love while traveling.
      Over 1000 page views a day.
      Over 30,000 visits a month.
      Over 7,000 followers on Facebook.

 Currently we are accepting:

-Any sponsorship that has to do with homesteading, homeschooling, farming, country living, recipes, gardening, essential oils and the like are encouraged.

 -Brand Ambassadorships

- For travel features, we specialize in couples getaways, cruises, culinary, and family outings.

-Conference Sponsorship

and open to other opportunities...

Review Policy
-Minimum review retail value $50.00
-Countrified Hicks will review full size products, the item will not be sent back.
-Countrified Hicks will write a blog post about the products or trip and will include pictures, and our personal opinion of the product.  The post will be shared on Facebook and Twitter. 
-The review post will include your website and social media links

To see publications that have featured us, check out our Bio.

Advertise Survival at Home is a PR friendly website that accepts advertising for other websites, products or services on a limited basis and will do product reviews for compensation. Why Advertise With Us? 100,000+ page views per month (3,000+ per day). 40,000+ visits per month (85% new visits). 4,700+ Facebook Fans, 350+ Twitter Followers, 850+ Pinterest Followers. Our site is also represented on Tumblr, StumbleUpon and Google+ with growing numbers. Encouraged Products The products, services and topics that are encouraged on this site include but may not be limited to: Homesteading / Homemaking Kitchen / Recipes Gardening / Farming Health / Wellness Herbal Medicine / Essential Oils Survival / Preparedness I am very open to discussing ways to work together to spread the word about your relevant product or service. Contact me at survivalathome (at) gmail (dot) com for more details. Ad Sizes for Survival at Home AdvertisingAdvertisements There is space on Survival at Home for ads in the sidebar for these specific sizes: 125 x 125 - $20 per month or $50 for 3 months pre-paid 300 x 125 - $30 per month or $75 for 3 months pre-paid 300 x 250 - $40 per month or $100 for 3 months pre-paid (BEST DEAL) 300 x 250 ATF – $50 per month or $125 for 3 months pre-paid “ATF” means “Above the Fold”. It refers to the area you see when you come to a website without having to scroll down. Graphics are supplied by the advertiser. Please contact me at survivalathome (at) gmail (dot) com for availability options. Product Reviews

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Companies we have partnered with in the past for reviews & giveaways include:
Schrade, Old Timer & Uncle Henry Knives
Lila Rose products
Olight World
The Chicken Waterer
RE Factor Tactical
Hoover's Hatchery

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